Our Services

We are educators. There are lots of ideas in the “post-health reform” world. We have the experience required to help you navigate between the good strategies and the great ones. Shortly after hiring us, many of our clients actually simplify their benefit offering and lower their cost, all while increasing employee understanding and appreciation for your benefit plan. We know what works and what does not, which products are overpriced, and which ones help you achieve your goals.

Benefit Consulting

We all know there are no "magic bullets" when it comes to controlling heathcare cost, but that does not curb all the calls you get selling them. Because our clients live in reality, they can implement solutions that work and avoid waisting valuable resources on those that are marginal or ineffective.


We have access to all of the major insurance companies and present them impartially. Our solutions are not tied to one particular carrier.

Wellness Initiatives

We have been involved in wellness programs and consumerism long before the advent of health savings accounts. Wellness initiatives must be customized if they are going to be successful.

Employee Engagement

Your benefit ROI is directly proportional to your employees understanding of what you offer and how it works. Our clients enjoy the benefit of multi-media, mulit-layered strategies for engaging their valuable team members.

HR Help

We have a variety of tools for answering HR questions and often simplifying your burden. We are members and fans of The Society of Human Resource Managers both locally and nationally.